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Early "RPN" by Commodore? - Marcus von Cube - 04-29-2005

Look at the description for this eBay-Item:


No real stack but an ENTER key...

Re: Early "RPN" by Commodore? - Raymond Del Tondo - 04-29-2005


this is not really RPN like in the older HP calcs,

but a simplified version, more like an adding machine.

These Minuteman 6 calcs were made in different versions,

some with and some without an ENTER key.

AFAIK only the Minuteman models with a star (*) or cross (X)

are (simplified) RPN.
Some used 9V battery blocks,

and some used two 1.5 V batteries, IIRC.

Commodore (and some other brands) also made

some bigger machine(s) with real RPN logic.