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Fancy HP-41CV! - Nelson M. Sicuro (Brazil) - 04-29-2005

Do you saw this one??

It was assembled by hand for an HP plastic molding engineer or something like this. A beauty!!

Best regards,


Re: Fancy HP-41CV! - Raymond Del Tondo - 04-29-2005


interesting variation:-)

But I wouldn't say 'beauty'...

I have to admit I more like my Clearnut.


Re: Fancy HP-41CV! - Matthias - 04-29-2005

I agree to Raymond, clear is more beauty... But maybe interesting anyway. But maybe the case is only painted and not from marmorated plastic.

Re: Fancy HP-41CV! - Nelson M. Sicuro (Brazil) - 04-29-2005

It is odd anyway... And the text said that it is really a different plastic (mix of two kinds) to create the "marble" pattern, and the keys' tops are blue also. Really a collectors' item!

Best regards,


Re: Fancy HP-41CV! - james summers - 04-29-2005

The lable shows it as a 41CV yet the pictures show it with a quad memory module?

Re: Fancy HP-41CV! - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 04-29-2005


I noticed that the key inscriptions in the top are also in blue instead of white. Quite unsusual!

Thanks for the interesting information.


Luiz (Brasil)