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HP 12C Color ? - Denis - 04-28-2005

Hi all,
This is a strange question, so don't laught!!. I'm looking for a used HP12C, (classic not platinium). I can see many of it with picture. What is the real color of the metal around the display ? I can see picture with gold metal (very yellow!) and picture with silver (very ...aluminium like my HP16C ?) !! Is there many version of the 12C (except platinium) ??? Is there a gold paint over the aluminium ? ( that can explain me why some models appear silver... the paint is gone ..?? )


Re: HP 12C Color ? - Dia C. Tran - 04-28-2005

All of the 12C's I have seen are gold.

Re: HP 12C Color ? - Mike - 04-28-2005

The original 12C has a gold bezel. Last year I had an old beat up ($15) 12C. I thought I could polish it up using mag polish. It was not going to decrease the value any. After several minutes of rubbing, I was left with a shiny silver bezel. I would NOT advise doing this on any calculator of significant worth. Mike

Re: HP 12C Color ? - Bram - 04-28-2005

To my knowledge there has been at least 4 series of HP-12C's. It started with the silver version in the series along with its siblings 10C, 11C, 15C and 16C. Of these, only the 12C survived, was slightly improved and turned gold. The third series was again gold and was powered by 1 single battery (CR2032) in stead of three LR44's. The platinum now being the fourth series.

Over the series functionality increased and to "compensate" (mechanical) quality decreased.

This is more of less what I learnt from bits of information here and there, not from proof or experience.

I'm about to get experience however, for I bought a few new 12C's from the 3rd series recently. Original ones are expensive and hard to get.

I hope this helps.

Don't think that's true...never an HP produced silver 12c - Gene - 04-28-2005

The 12c has always been gold to differentiate it from the scientific line and give a gold "expensive" look to it for the business buyers.

Until the 12c platinum, that is.

Any silver 12c calculators seen either have had the gold color removed from the metal area around the display, or they have had a transplant of a silver cover from a 10c, 11c, 15c, or 16c.

I, on the other hand, have a totally black 12c, since I pulled off the gold cover completely. Gives it a strange look. :-)

maybe true - Mike - 04-28-2005

According to Randy ...http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/archv012.cgi?read=32674

Although, I have never seen one.

Mike H

Edited: 28 Apr 2005, 11:16 a.m.

If so, then an accident... - Gene - 04-28-2005

Sometimes things/parts got mixed up on the assembly line.

The Keynotes article on the introduction of the 11c and 12c pointed out that the 12c was to be gold.

Could have been a mixup (there are other examples of this), but the plan was for them to be all gold.

I think you're right, Gene - Bram - 04-28-2005

I remembered having a brochure with only silver Voyagers in it. Well, I should have checked before posting, for the brochure indeed shows only silver ones, because the 12C was left out of the 1xC series. I also have separate brochures of 11C and 12C (first releases) and those show silver and gold.

So on second thoughts I think there haven't been silver 12C's, but perhaps as an exeption.

Re: If so, then an accident... - Denis - 04-28-2005

Thanks all for response,
So if I must avoid silver, black, red or green hp12C ...
- Denis

I once saw... (was: If so, then an accident... - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 04-28-2005

... an HP11C, fully working, no additional features, with an HP15C logo. The user asked me if it was possible that it was in fact an HP15C, but the keyboard test returned

[    11    ]
Just to add new info.

Luiz (Brazil)

Re: I think you're right, Gene - Dia C. Tran - 04-28-2005

Yeah! I think Gene is right although I think either red or green one is nice.

There may be a misunderstanding... - Raymond Del Tondo - 04-28-2005


Randy wrote about the display 'reflector', not the aluminium bezel.

The reflection sheet is assumed to sit *behind* the display,

not surrounding it;-)