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HP49g+. Do you own two? - J.C.Boco - 04-26-2005

At the risk of encouraging HP to continue to manufacture crappy keyboard-containing products, I'm thinking of buying another HP and keeping identical programs/directories/whatever on it.

I'm worried that I will have a key or two break the day before an exam and want a backup. With near $500 a credit hour, perhaps an extra HP can be justified.

Do anyone of you guys own more than a single 49g+?

If you have a broken keyboard, can you still use it tolerably well?

I for one will continue to use HP, even if their next model runs on human blood. I look forward to a competitor to HP, perhaps the QONOS calculator (if it ever comes out).

Re: HP49g+. Do you own two? NO! - Ron Ross - 04-26-2005

But that is not to say I don't own other Hp's.

And the price of the Hp is such that two are not out of the question. You might consider a different less expensive model Hp as well. I might suggest an Hp48Gii (same software as the Hp49G and about $50 less) or consider an original Hp48G. While a lot less memory and no CAS, is well built and has nearly all the numeric features of the newer Hp line. While it may not be quite as tough, it is probably more durable and the keyboard will not wear out (at least not like the newer Hp's).

Or consider an Hp33s. It is the lowest priced RPN calculator ever sold by Hp at $50 ea. Fairly good RPN calculator and is allowed by nearly every exam where the graphics calculator is not. Keyboards seem to be okay compared to the higher end models.

Just a couple of suggestions.

thanks. As for that 33S....... - J.C.Boco - 04-26-2005

I just can't picture myself owning that V-shaped nightmare. It looks absolutly hideous!

I've been amazoning the other HPs for awhile now, and have looked at the hp48II several times. Who knows.....

Re: thanks. As for that 33S....... - bill platt - 04-26-2005

For all its shortcomings, I actually do use the 33s on the road, and once in a while at the desk.

The keyboard business really is not as bad as it seems at first glance.

But I only bought it because it is $50 rather than $150 if I lose it on the road.

However, it is superior if you are in the habit of using the equation feature. There is never a memory limitation with the 33s, whereas the 32sII is very limited in memory.

The keys of the 33s really work. No misses. Snapclick. Not a 49g+ in that respect.

But not a graphing or RPL either-----

Re: HP49g+. Do you own two? - EL - 04-26-2005

I've got two 49g+s', using the clockspeed tool up to 124mhz seems to solve most probs. I have never had a key fall out of hinge.

However, when I use the 49g+ for a day or two, and then revert to the 48G, I get a surprise at the sturdy reliable feel of that series.

The 48g is cheap (40$ ebay) but does not have the easy usb storage of the 49g+...and it is noticeably slower when you run long equations, edit programs, and so on.

Confidence in the kbd is fundamental, however.

Two, but almost no usage. - Paul Brogger - 04-26-2005

When H-P offered to replace my early unit, they told me to trash the original & not bother mailing it back.

Right . . . consider it done.

(Of course, from time to time I certainly wanted to toss it somewhere!) And, you know, the "wiggle fix" seems to have helped the keyboards -- they're generally tolerable now.

But I don't use either much at all -- my 33s' get what little calculator action I come up with.

Re: thanks. As for that 33S....... - Ed Look - 04-26-2005

Heh. I felt that way when they first released images of the machine. But I needed an affordable RPN machine for work, as I did not want to risk losing my older HP calcs, so I bought one. It turns out to be a very nice calculator to use and after you get used to it, the chevron shaped rows become invisible.

The only remaining issue I have with it is its rather small decimal point marker. Otherwise, I've gotten to love using it very much.

Re: HP49g+. Do you own two? - Eddie Shore - 04-26-2005

Yes I do. My old one has the ENTER key that is out of place. I will use it for either emergency backup or if I am putting a library together without disrupting the current one I have.

Re: HP49g+. Do you own two? - James M. Prange (Michigan) - 04-27-2005

Having just one 49g+ is enough of a disappointment. Well, actually it's my third 49g+; the first two were replaced under warranty.