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HP-12C Platinum Sticking Keys - wecc XX - 04-23-2005

The HP-12C zero key does not enter unless I use force. The 2 key enters twice. This is the recommended calculator for the CFA exam, so these problems will cause me grief. Will HP replace the calculator?

Re: HP-12C Platinum Sticking Keys - . - 04-23-2005

Only if it is less than a year old. > 1 year and < 3 years and they will sell you a replacement at a lower than retail cost. This is USA only, don't know what they do elsewhere in the world.

Re: HP-12C Platinum Sticking Keys - Bob Harvey - 04-26-2005

You might search EBAY for the older HP-12C - virually the same as the HP-12C Plat but only RPN no algebraic - but the keys work! Not an ad for EBAY - only that they seem to have anything HP.

There is also an HP-12C emulator avail for Palmtops if that is legal on your exam. Emulators/simulators are avail via this hpmuseum.org site. See the sidebar on the homepage. I have installed the HP-15C and HP-12C by Lygea (or see lygea.com direct) on my iPAQ and they both work great. Cost was about $15 each. The 12C also happens to have RPN & Algebraic ala the 12C Plat. Even though the screen is smaller (about 65% of real calc) and they display "sideways" on my iPAQ, they have the look and feel of the real thing less the tactal keys - plus they can be programmed.

If you are concerned about RPN - think of it like this:
Work like you do with paper and pencil - ie write the numbers down, THEN add, subtract, etc. To let the calc know when you have finished inputting the first number, hit ENTER. If you visualize the problem as a VERTICAL paper and pencil problem instead of a horizontal algebra problem, RPN is really quite easy and you don't need to worry about how many brackets [ ie )))) ] you need to finish cuz, there are no pending ops with RPN. Most people I know who have used an RPN calc for 2-weeks, won't go back so the initial confusion is only short lived.

If your exam won't allow the Palmtop emulator, perhaps it would be worthwhile to spend $15 bucks, use the 12C emulator for a while in RPN, and then see if an EBAY search for the real thing is what you need to do.

Hope this helps,

Re: HP-12C Platinum Sticking Keys - Gene - 04-26-2005

The emulator would not be allowed on the CFA exam...only the HP12c or HP12c platinum and the TI BAII Plus calculators.

(I'm a CFA exam review course lecturer).

I would suggest giving HP support a call and tell them about your problem. Their phone number can be found on the hp website.