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Problem with GX - Raj - 04-18-2005

My GX when I put it on gives a "0" in ths display. When I press the "ON" button, nothing happens and the calculator just remains on. If I take out the battery and replace it, same thing happens. I cannot do the self test, because it appears the On button is not functioning properly.
Any ideas? SHould I dump it and go for the 49G+?

Re: Problem with GX - V-PN - 04-18-2005

You should not dump it, but you should also buy the 49g+

press above [ B ] key (and below the LCD) and the [ON] will function during the press, yes?

If so, the contact enforcing foam inside is too old: open & replace


Re: Problem with GX - Karl Schneider - 04-18-2005

Raj --

Before you accept VPN's advice, consider the following:

I assume that you mean a HP-48GX. It may show stack-level identifiers 1, 2, 3, and 4 and a right-justified "0.000" (or any other value) in Level 1 when turned on, if that is what was in the stack.

To turn the 48GX off, press the right-arrow (green) shift key, followed by "ON".

-- KS