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Re: New - HP33C Simulator - BETA - Mike T. - 04-17-2005

I'd like to express a big thank you to all those who took the time to download and try out my simulator's beta release, without your feedback I would have probably never have found the problems you identified.

The good news is that I've managed to fix both of them and will try to post an updated version (with source code) when I've sorted out overflow handling and tidied up my code a bit.

I haven't forgotton about user defined key mapping, but the design and implementation of the user interface is not easy. I think that the best way would be to display the calculator and PC keyboards layouts side by side (no chance of any data entry errors) but there are a more PC keyboard layouts possible than I can cope with right now...

Mike T.

Re: New - HP33C Simulator - Keyboard assignment - Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) - 04-17-2005

I understand this is not a priority item by now, but I would like to suggest an alternative for the key assignment issue: There could be a menu item called "assign", in a HP41 manner. The user, after entering the assign mode, would "press" a calculator key with the mouse, and immediately should press a PC keyboard key. This could be done for many keys before exiting the assign mode.

For instance, after entering assign mode, you can click on the SIN key and associate it to the "S" key on the PC by pressing this latter key. The mapping may admit many PC keys to be associated to the same calculator key. So "S", "s" and "$" will invoke "SIN", if the user defines it so. It is important to work with the keycode and not with the ASCII character, so the main keyboard keys and the numeric keypad keys for the same character may be treated differently.

Assignments would be saved in the INI file (text editable), and there should be a menu item for resetting the assignments to the default state ("factory default")

Just my $ 0.02,

Re: New - HP33C Simulator - Keyboard assignment - Mike T. - 04-17-2005

Don't worry it is a good idea, I'll figure something out - eventually ...

Mike T.

Re: New - HP33C Simulator - Keyboard assignment - V-PN - 04-18-2005

Please have an UNDO operation for all possible PC menu selections.

I hate it when I accidentally click [RESET] and all my pervious work goes > NIL:


Re: New - HP33C Simulator - Keyboard assignment - Mike T. - 04-18-2005

I actually put reset at the top to make it easy to get at - obviously a little too easy! I'm just guessing but I suspect that you were trying to exit (to save the current state) and right clicked too soon?

I've already thought about adding an undo 'feature' though I need to figure out how to make it efficient...

Mike T.

PS Would short keys keys for save and reset help...?