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Hp 65 & 67 Keyboards - Howard - 04-14-2005

Does anybody know if the brass?? sheet that the keys operate on when they are pressed are interchangeable on the HP 65 & 67?
I have a 65 that has lost the click on all the number keys and I have an extra 67 (the card reader is non-functional).
I am thinking of changing over the brass sheet from the 67 to the 65.
Any ideas???

Re: Hp 65 & 67 Keyboards - Raymond Del Tondo - 04-14-2005

Check the id number on the pcb's,

and try to follow the traces.

If it fits, it should work.


Re: Hp 65 & 67 Keyboards - Tony Duell - 04-15-2005

The PCBs are totally different between the 65 (which uses the classic-series anode and cathode driver chips) and the 67 (which is a Woodstock at heart).

The key contact strips, spot-welded to the PCB are the same between the 2 models. But fixing them onto the 65 PCB is decidedly non-trivial. It is possible to solder them, but IMHO the keys never feel right after doing that.

Re: Hp 65 & 67 Keyboards - Trent Moseley - 04-15-2005

I would get the card-reader on the 67 fixed and not try to changeout parts from the 65.