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Re: New - HP33C Simulator - Keystrokes - Mike T. - 04-14-2005

Summary of short cut keys:

Ctrl-c  Copy to clipboard.
0-9 Digits
. Decimal point
- Subtract
+ Add
* Multiply
/ Divide
Esc Clx
Return Enter
Enter Enter
Up Enter (in RUN mode), BST (in PRGM mode)
Down Round Down (in RUN mode), SST (in PRGM mode)
Space SST
Insert Toggle insert in PRGM mode²
Shift¹ f
Alt¹ g

¹ When used by itself.
² Not possible on real HP33C.

I think I've remembered them all...

Mike T.

Re: New - HP33C Simulator - Keystrokes - Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) - 04-14-2005

You can use the left and right cursor keys (I would prefer both) for the much needed swap (x<>y) key.

I am using a notebook (no numeric pad) with the LatinAmerican layout (which, incidentally, is different from the Spanish layout), and some of your 33C mappings are inconvenient in my particular context. Of course, it is not your fault. Hence, I would also suggest a tabled approach, in which each user can assign any PC key to any calculator key. The table should allow for more than one PC key to be mapped to each 33C key. Your treatment of PRGM and RUN modes (related to key assignments) seems very appropriate.

Of course, congratulations and thank you for a very nice simulator !!

Re: New - HP33C Simulator - Keystrokes - Mike T. - 04-14-2005

Hmmm ... Now that is an interesting idea - I could save the keyboard state in the INI file (keeping the defaults as they are) and either extend the popup menu options to include an assign key/shortcut facility, or add this to the options submenu (not enabled yet - I'm still working of the form design for the options screen). Thank you for the suggestion.

Mike T.

Re: New - HP33C Simulator - Keystrokes - Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) - 04-14-2005

Mike: I am glad you liked the key-to-key mapping idea, I think that putting it as plain text in the INI file is very practical and convenient. While departing from "true" 33C behaviour, I would suggest to create as an option a (very small) angular mode indicator, perhaps in the gray, "status box" provided by Windows at the bottom.

Another comment: At least in my case, it behaves more like a 33E than a 33C: it seems not to have "continuous memory", it loses data at power-off. (I used it only for a few minutes, so it may be something to check on my side).

I would also like to congratulate you for providing your program in a "pret-a-porter" fashion: no C++ to compile, no Make, no Linux, no Registry interferences...

"pret-a-porter" fashion - Mike (Stgt) - 04-15-2005

Yep - "pret-a-porter" fashion - that could be spyware! Just to see if you calculate the date of birth of your next offset.


Re: New - HP33C Simulator - Keystrokes - Mike T. - 04-15-2005

No INI file is required when the simulator starts - perhaps a Pr Error...? On exit is attempts to create a new INI file in the same directory as the simulator, deleting to original if it existed.

Mike T.