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Pictures of CV & C boards - Peter - 04-14-2005

Hi Peter, how are you? Having a good time?
Anyway, just in case anyone is interested - in my search I have produced so far 6 shots of similar to different C and CV boards with the C4 150pf marked. As soon as I find out how to do CX I'll have shots of that as well.
Anyway to post a zip here? Or do I (finally) have to go down the route and get some web space to pot stuf...



Re: Pictures of CV & C boards - Thomas Okken - 04-14-2005

You can post images on the HP Forum site itself. Dave Hicks, the maintainer, actually prefers it that way, because they will then also be archived properly, and if someone reads your article 5 years from now, the links to your images are still going to be valid, long after your www.geocities.com (or whatever) home page has gone to dust.

See http://www.hpmuseum.org/artfmt.htm for details; look for "More Details" all the way down.

- Thomas