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Re: Is legal to do this in Ebay? - megarat - 04-13-2005

FYI, leaving positive feedback for a buyer immediately after receiving payment is, unfortunately, not the best way to go either. sometimes the transaction will go to pot after the buyer has received the item, and you'll still want that ability to leave a negative feedback if it does.

one example: the high-maintenance buyers who don't read the listing, and get all cheesed off and petulant (and leave negative feedback) simply because they didn't read the part of your listing that said, "item doesn't work, sold for parts only".

there are a lot of idiots out there who love to scream, and a good chuck of them seem to be on ebay. my interactions with ebay are mostly from the buyer's perspective, but i do sell from time to time. and being a responsible seller is a pain in the @$$, in part due to the problem buyers.

Re: Is legal to do this in Ebay? - bill platt - 04-13-2005


Yes, I see what you mean potentially. Yet my take on it is that if I leave positive feedback, it sets the stage for good communication. If they give me bad feedback anyway, I always have a rebuttal (or whatever they call it). This has never happened in 30 trades. It just seems to me to be a square and honest thing to say, "thanks for your payment, best of luck to you" rather than (implicitly saying) "if you don't like it, too bad, cause if you raise a stink, I can give you negative feedback."

Most people in this world--buyers especially--just want to do an honest deal. Setting the stage for that is 99% of the success.



Re: Is legal to do this in Ebay? - Gene - 04-14-2005

"Most people in this world--buyers especially--just want to do an honest deal."

Gene: Depends. The last two listings for a TI-89 Titanium had buyers with 0 feedback who won the auction.

One buyer didn't read the listing where I said several times "No paypal" because he did a buy-it-now and then said the only way he could pay was paypal!

The other 0 feedback bidder won the auction and then never responded to any emails.

some buyers are a waste of time. It is a real shame that Ebay doesn't let you dis-allow bidders with 0 or +1 or +2 feedback.

Yes, I know you can stop negative feedback bidders and yes I know that if everyone stopped 0, +1, or +2 bidders they might have trouble getting feedback in the first place, but it is a real pain when there appears to be a good number of people who just get an ebay ID, bid on a few things, and then disappear.

That has happened with greater and greater frequency recently.

Of course, Bill, you are always welcome to bid on my goodies. :-)

Just lettin' off some steam.