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All the dodgy replies - Arnaud Amiel - 04-10-2005

About a week ago, I put a post on the ads forum to trade some manuals. Lots of people where interested in buying them. However all the replies I got look too dodgy for me to reply.

They are all recorded there:




Re: All the dodgy replies - Thibaut.be - 04-10-2005

Yes, seems you're receiveing a lot of scams... One way to refrain this is to mention your email as george.bushNOSCAM@lunaticasyleum.com, and ask people to remove "NOSCAM" from the address...

Does this really help? - Juergen (CH) - 04-10-2005

Does this trick you mentioned really help? Do these people use such unintelligent software to create their replies?

In my mailbox over 80% is spam. That's a real pain... Fortunately my HP-41 is not connected to the Internet ;-)

Re: Does this really help? - Thibaut.be - 04-10-2005

I've got several email addresses, one that I sue when I need to fill in some form on the net. Just to collect some passwords and finalizing subscriptions. This one is hugely spammed, but the other ones I use for - shall I dare to say - human communication is not.

You can of course make things more complicated, but this is a decent starting point to my eyes...

Re: Does this really help? - Matthias - 04-10-2005

This seems to be our Swiss problem.. I also have about 80% Spams, you have a friend, Juergen.

to matthias - John Dove - 04-10-2005

since your last purchase I thought, you was an American?


Re: to matthias - Matthias - 04-10-2005

No, I´m Swiss:


Re: All the dodgy replies - db (martinez, ca.) - 04-10-2005

I especially liked your email from Prince tommy with the horse. A horses arse for sure. To learn more about you new bottom feeding friends you can go to http://www.ebolamonkeyman.com/

Does Dave have coppies of all your German manuals on the HP museum discs?

Re: All the dodgy replies - Arnaud Amiel - 04-11-2005

Does Dave have coppies of all your German manuals on the HP museum discs?

They are on the list yes. However I have documents that I haven't seen on the list. I will check again and might scan them if needed.