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HP-41 Repair - Mark L (California) - 12-05-2000

Does anyone still repair HP-41's in the USA? My last source, "International Calculator and Computer" in Orlando, Fla. has apparently discontinued service. Ihave a 48 but for certain aplications it is a snail compared to a 41 with survey pac. Thanks in advance for any help.


Re: HP-41 Repair - Ion Abraham (New Mexico USA) - 12-07-2000


No, I don't know of anyone, but if you find a source please let us know. I am at the moment particularly interested in someone who can fix a 82143A printer.
Mine seems to print about half way on any given line half the time, and gives error messages the other half. I haven't had time to really look at it though, and I need to have the battery rebuilt first, I suppose.


Ion Abraham
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Re: HP-41 Repair - db (martinez, ca.) - 12-08-2000

my printer did that. the little grooved shaft that drives the head left and right was dry. i cleaned it with white gas on a q-tip and dabbed a bit of wd40 back onto it with the other end. it works ok now.

Re: HP-41 Repair - Edwin H. Heusinkveld - 12-19-2000

Hi there,

For repair-info look at the HP site: http://www.hp.com/calculators/techsupport/disc_faq.html#11

At this page HP suggests:

International Calculator and Computer,
2916 Corrine Dr.,
Orlando, FL 32803,
phone: 407-898-0081.

Good luck!!

Edwin H. Heusinkveld
Enschede, The Netherlands

Re: HP-41 Repair - Ion Abraham (New Mexico USA) - 12-19-2000


Note that Mark, in the beginning of this thread, said that International Calculator has now discontinued service.
I have not actually called them myself, but it seems that other options would be quite desirable, given that they are rather expensive, anyway, from the information on their web page.

Ion Abraham
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Re: HP-41 Repair - Joe Nierman - 12-23-2000

Could someone point me to a web site that had detailed information about disassembling and repairing HP40C's?