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hp41 ppcrom - ln - 04-02-2005

Hello, as I don't have the manual, can anyone explain me briefly the functions in a ppc rom mudule for hp41? I only want some examples of functions and what they do, the most important ones, so I can buy the dvd containing the manual or not Thank you

Re: hp41 ppcrom - Namir - 04-02-2005

Buy the DVD-ROM withe the manual!

Re: hp41 ppcrom - Ángel Martin - 04-02-2005

Some people would consider the manual even better than the ROM itself. As it happens I´ve got a spare copy, can sell it to you if you´re interested (asking $75 plus S&H). Email me at: ovolacteoATonlinehomeDOTde

Sorry about the shameless plug, anyway.

Re: hp41 ppcrom - Peter - 04-03-2005

Couldn't agree more with the posts, the manual is definitely worth having! I was lucky to get my module with it and I'm very glad I did. Just in case, here is an ebay auction for just the manual (not from me)

Re: hp41 ppcrom - Vassilis Prevelakis - 04-03-2005

Also available from Jake Schwartz:


Re: hp41 ppcrom - ln - 04-07-2005

And what do you think of "Expand your hp41", is more must have than the ppcrom manual
Thank you

Re: hp41 ppcrom - Peter - 04-08-2005

its called "the Bible" and not for no reason. Best book for me I read for the HP (Wlodek, you listening?) Can be found as pdf on this page's DVD set.