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Inside my 93 - Arnaud Amiel - 03-25-2005

Having problems with my 93 printer, basically it gives Error any time I want to do anything with it, I decided to open it to check if anything looked wrong.
A piece of black plastic fell but I have no idea where it belongs. Help would be appreciated to fix this.
It is a cone 14mm long of 1.5mm diameter on its small end and 2mm diameter where it broke off.
If anyone has any idea as to the printer or this piece it will be greatly appreciated.



Re: Inside my 97 - Arnaud Amiel - 03-25-2005

I am sorry I actually am talking of a 97.


Re: Inside my 97 - Randy - 03-25-2005

It has nothing to do with your printer problem - it is an inner chassis screw boss. It is one of three identical bosses along the back edge that hold the inner chassis to the top cover. You'll have to remove the chassis and epoxy back on.

The printer - could be the small gear on the left side that always strips or the head home switch. Does the motor always run?

Re: Inside my 97 - Erik Wahlin - 03-26-2005

Common problems are:
1. Printer dirty, needs to be cleaned. (Jamming up)
2. Out of paper. If you have paper in it, it could be that the out of paper switch is not closing properly (making good electrical contact)
3. Printer sprocket wheel broken. Listen for printer motor whirring.
4. Printer head not in park location (all the way to the right). The head activates a magnetic reed switch that lets the calculator know it is in the home position.
Sometimes the magnet falls out and will cause problems too.

Re: Inside my 97 - Arnaud Amiel - 03-26-2005

Thanks for your messages, I will look for the right place to glue the plastic bit.
As for the printer, the motor is not moving and I immediately get an Error message. I will look a bit more into what Erik suggested.



Re: Inside my 97 - Arnaud Amiel - 03-27-2005

I found where the plastic bit came from:
It is a post that keeps the printer ribbon cable in place on the printer chassis. There are 4 others so I believe I can live without it, what is more it is hard to glue something so tiny there.

As for the printer, when I move the head out of the "park" position, as soon as I turn the calc on, it moves back. But there is no sign of the motor starting otherwise.
Paper is feeding normally when the printing head is moving as described above.
So it looks like the calculator does not detect that it has paper. I will look a bit more into this and hope it is nothing to do with some blown electronics.

Thanks for your help,


Re: Inside my 97 - David Smith - 03-28-2005

Some later versions of this machine did not have a paper-out switch.