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two expensive 41cx - Al - 03-17-2005

See the ebay items 5751573229 and 5758866022, a seller has bought both calculators for over $1500. We have to avoid such climbing prices, if not, soon will surface sellers sending you Casios instead HPs

I love eBay - Coburlin - 03-17-2005

Geek engineers with pockets full of money are my best friends.

Re: I love eBay - Dia C. Tran - 03-17-2005

I see no reason to stop buyers from paying high prices on old HP calcs. It only means that our calcs are now worth more. Don't we all have some old HP calcs???

Re: I love eBay - Al - 03-17-2005

I suppose the high prices paid for old HP calculators are due the actual HP models are of poor quality (HP49G onwards)

Re: I love eBay - Richard Garner - 03-17-2005

The only problem with higher sell prices is that it drives the price out of the range for users of the calculators. A collector will still pay high prices for items but a user won't unless they have to.

Re: I love eBay - Hugh Evans - 03-17-2005

This is exactly what makes OpenRPN more feasible and logical by the day. It was a no-brainer for me to recognize that we could make a product that surpasses the quality of the classic HPs and still sell them for a fraction of what you would have to pay otherwise.

The ebay sellers will still have the same market, because the old machines are worth more to them than someone with utilitarian motives. Exactly the same situation has existed in the musical instrument market for years longer than what we've seen for calculators.

So the purpose of OpenRPN is to supply actual end-users with a viable alternative. Auctioners such as Coburlin are exactly the equivalent of antique dealers. Prices prices may fluctuate but will continue on an upward trend. Look into the economics of antiques.


Re: I love eBay - giancarlo - 03-31-2005

That's why many people (I suppose) are almost compelled to become "collectors" (i.e. to provide a huge cash flow out of their pockets...) even though their primary aim would be to be "users"....
My two cents...

the curse... - Hans Brueggemann - 03-31-2005

...of collecting is, that the collectors steer the prices. it will always be that way. no reason to cry. and, come to think of being a "user", i have to buy 41s wherever i see them. just in case. because you never know when it is going to flip off the table. have one spare. sleep better.
my girl friend only asked me once, whether she could borrow one of my 41s to do some household calculations... gents, that was disgusting!


Re: the curse... - Walter B - 03-31-2005

So, you have a girl friend knowing RPN sufficiently for household calculations? Man, are you lucky! ;-D

Re: the curse... - db (martinez, ca.) - 04-01-2005

let me tell a girlfriend/rpn story. my favorite gift ever was a couple of years ago on my birthday. my sweetie found me an old Novus Mathematician with it's case in a second hand store. i actually already had a not-so-nice one but i didn't tell her that. that she had looked for something obscure that i would like and recognised it even though she does not use them (she found an RPN, not a brand or model) made it the most special of presents. i kept the calc. she kept me. win win.

Re: the curse... - Dave Shaffer (Arizona) - 04-01-2005

My sweetie (and wife of 25 years) has her own 11C and 2 32SIIs - she never has to borrow mine. In fact, occasionally it's the other way 'round!

Re: the curse... - Arnaud Amiel - 04-01-2005

To my surprise, one day my sister (she is a nurse student)borrowed my 49g and found it was not working as she expected. Within 30 second she was operating it without problems and without me explaining anything except for telling her "It doesn't work as other calculators".

I was really amazed.

My wife only cares about my LED "Little Professor" that she finds "cute"


Re: the curse... - Peter - 04-01-2005

Quote (from some wise book...)
"Marrying the right person is the single most important decision in anyones life. That single decision will influnce 90% of ones happiness (or unhappiness)."

Seems that quite a few here have implemented that saying very successfully.

Re: the curse... - Eric Lundgren - 04-02-2005


tis true. My wife of 9.3 months has patiently accompanied me on many many hp-search-and-rescue missions. They haven't always been successes, but we somehow always manage to have fun in the process.

We rescued my 32sii in Burbank, CA ( a 5.5hr roundtrip drive) , and I remember ordering "as long as it comes with pancakes" from IHOP as I inspected the *CHEAP* floor model I'd luckily picked up. My wife (g.f. at the time) simply smiled and understood. I'm very lucky. Plus, I'm occasionally allowed to key-stroke before we order at restaurants...*if I quickly decide on an entree* But the "chips and salsa" ceremony is sacred, and I must participate, :)

Ok, I feel pretty lucky and happy.


Re: the curse... - Nenad (Croatia) - 04-02-2005

How can one ever marry a non-RPN girlfriend? Why?

Re: the curse... - V-PN - 04-02-2005




Re: the curse... - GS Leong - 04-02-2005

My girlfriend said she was not convinced I truly loved her until I gave her one of my 12c's. Now we are happilly married!

Re: the curse... - V-PN - 04-02-2005

I'm divorsing...

my NXT girlfriend has to understand RPN+RPL