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hp49g+ "automatic" overclock upon "On" - Eric Lundgren - 03-17-2005

Hi all,

Now that I understand it [thanks VPN and Alistair Borowski!], here's the steps to make your 49g+ automatically increase clockspeed when you turn it on..if anyone else has had difficulty.

(this has fixed my keyboard probs, no more missed keystrokes)

NOTE: you must get the program first from:

Place the program (I use the c124s program) in HOME dir.
Now, in the stack:

<< OFF ON C124S >> ENTER

Note that VPN suggested slowing it down (placing C34 right after the OFF command) which I will have to do later. But for now...!! Its GREAT! I no longer have to worry about whether I forgot to run the speed tool each time the machine shuts off during an exam.. *happy HP user*

Re: hp49g+ "automatic" overclock upon "On" - Arnaud Amiel - 03-17-2005

Please report on your battery usage when you have tried it a little.



Re: hp49g+ "automatic" overclock upon "On" - Eric Lundgren - 03-18-2005

I've been thinking the same thing..

Yes, I'll be sure and post if the life span drops significantly. However, if that is the case, I'll have to shelve the machine.

Its already distressing enough imagining a *memory clear* during a test (its done that three times or so in the last few days, but I'm new to the machine, and it is much more complex than the 32sii and 33s I'm used to).

I'm also concerned with my growing habit of writing routines for things that I should just know, along with trying to build an engineering "library" to carry in my pocket...where's the cutoff point..?