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HP 9825A - Stephan - 03-15-2005

Hello everybody!
I have got the following problem. I want to (exactly my boss wants me to) connect an HP 550C-printer to an HP 9825A. The manual gives me the pin names and I found a table of the official parallel-port settings.
My problem is that I don't know the meanings of "HLT", FLG", "On Cover" and so on and can not say which pins have to be connected. Does anyone have an idea and/or experience in this topic?

Many thanks in advance!
Greetings, Stephan

Re: HP 9825A - Tony Duell - 03-17-2005

Do you have an HP98032 GPIO (16 bit parallel) interface module?

The I/O slots at the back of the 9825 are essentially the processor I/O bus, and certainly can't be directly connected to the printer.

If you don't have the interface, I would seriously recomend looking at the operation/service manual for it (it's on the MoHPC CD-ROMs, I think). That will give you some idea of the circuitry required.

If you do have the interface, I'll look in the manual and see if I can work out how to link it to a normal Centronics port.

Re: HP 9825A - Vassilis Prevelakis - 03-17-2005

What kind of adapters do you have for your 9825? (E.g. the GPIO card that Tony suggested, but also HP-IB would also be OK).


Re: HP 9825A - Stephan - 03-21-2005

Thanks a lot!
There is an interface card and someone else hase already connected some cables to the centronics port. After starting the print job, the printer says 'busy', but nothing else happens. The original printer belonging to the calculator had the cover on function, I put it on ground (it is not[cover on]), I did the same with the not[ready] pin. Do you know something about problems with the timing for the handshake and so on? Is it just a standard parallel bus?

Thanks again!

Re: HP 9825A - Vassilis Prevelakis - 03-22-2005

Stephan wrote:
> There is an interface card

can you please tell us what is the part number of the 9825A interface card you are using?

BTW can you also tell us what is the configuration of the 9825A (ROMS, RAM etc.)

Best Regards