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HP41 Flags - gileno - 03-14-2005

How is it that I do, using PPC or other method, to put in a program line the status of all of the flags?
Excuses my English: -)

Re: HP41 Flags - Mike (Stgt) - 03-15-2005

With XF Module use RCLFLAG and later STOFLAG, with "Synthetic programming" put an alpha string in your program and ASTO d. Next CF 03. That later way you clear flags 0-7.


Re: HP41 Flags - gileno - 03-15-2005

Which the method using "Synthetic programming" I put the string alpha in my program?

Re: HP41 Flags - Mike (Stgt) - 03-16-2005

See here: http://www.hpmuseum.org/prog/synth41.htm