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Reduce a 49g+ to 4 stack? - Eric Lundgren - 03-12-2005

If the stack could be reduced (by a program or other?) to only four elements (ie 32sii xyzt), I suspect that the missed entry problem would be worked around..

Has anyone an idea to either limit the stack, or even create a font almost double the standard (8)? I just get too many errors as it is.

Also, does anyone else experience this:
In RPN mode, I enter:

number, left shift, square

and get this on the display:

number { sq() }

Its very frustrating, but only occasionally happens. Its as if it goes into eq. edit mode, or algebraic?

Best regards,

Re: Reduce a 49g+ to 4 stack? - R - 03-12-2005


have you tried posting to comp.sys.hp48 ,

*the* newsgroup for the HP-48 and its relatives,

even if they're so far away like the 49g+ ;-)

I think the 49g+ is somewhat too young for a museum...

Apart from that, I doubt that the missed key problem

will go away by reducing the stack levels shown,

because it's only like trying to cure a symtom,

not the cause of the illness.

And for your sq example:

What do you expect from a calc that misses key strokes...


Re: Reduce a 49g+ to 4 stack? - Arnaud Amiel - 03-13-2005

It would be possible to make a reduced stack hp49g+ but this is a bit of work. For the moment, I just checked and:
[1][2][LS][x2] gives me 144