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Humidity computer - Tizedes Csaba [Hungary] - 03-02-2005


And go to the last page...


Re: Humidity computer - Charlie O. - 03-02-2005

I wonder if they have a stock and for what price?

your own free humidity calculator! - hugh steers - 03-02-2005

oddly enough, i used the equations of humidity as a test for various calculators. this page details the formulae and some example programs.

this wasnt meant to be a critique of hp vs ti or casio or anything, but the ti got the most marks. it was an experiment. the 71b would have also won if it had a builtin solver (ie the math rom). the test was based on whether my programs worked first time and how easy it was to write them. obviously, this will depend a lot on how familiar i am with various models.


note: it is true that some of the hp's involved have interface capabilities that would be extremely valuable in a lab environment and i haven't considered that at all in my criteria.

Edited: 2 Mar 2005, 5:39 p.m.