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"Transparent " display on my 32S - Alexandre(Brazil) - 03-01-2005

Hi everybody,
I have just bought an used HP32S (sn2943B19417) and I can see the LCD descriptions through its display.They are "EPSONLD-B8193A" , "JAPAN" ,"914F" and some spots and marks...besides the contrast of the digits is weak ... I would like to hear from those of you experts if I can fix it.


Alexandre (Brazil)

Re: "Transparent " display on my 32S - Raymond Del Tondo - 03-01-2005

Sounds like the polarisation filter sheet is missing...

or maybe the LCD has bleeded out.

Besides that, I thought the part numbers were printed on the back.

Could you provide pictures?


Re: "Transparent " display on my 32S - Ed Look - 03-01-2005

What about trying to control the contrast with ON + or ON - or some such key combination? Perhaps the contrast is just a little too high?

Re: "Transparent " display on my 32S - Alexandre - 03-02-2005

Hi,I will try to give a better explanation...the descriptions (part number , origin etc) are on the back of the LCD and are mirrored when we look at it and pressing ON + or ON - don´t change the contrast of these descriptions , it works only on the digits.It is like when you pour oil on a written paper...it became transparent...
Another point that I would like to clarify is that this 32S shows a "flat" display and I don´t know if there is a protection between the LCD and the bezel the fact is that there is dust in this area and I would like to know if I can open it and remove this dust.
A lot of questions I have ... sorry ...
I will try to take a picture.
Thanks a lot!!


Re: "Transparent " display on my 32S - Ed Look - 03-02-2005

I see. You are clear. Unfortunately, so is the back of your LCD screen. Your oil and paper analogy made me think- I hope nothing leaked out or got into your calculator and "wet" the back of the LCD module. But, I am glad it does not affect performance!

Re: "Transparent " display on my 32S - Ron - 03-07-2005

I came across a 14B like this once. You can see through the display, and through the board, to the printing on the back side of the board. Very uncommon production problem, I think.

Re: "Transparent " display on my 32S - ned - 03-08-2005

I hope the seller made it clear that this problem existed.
Unfortunately it seems as though you cannot fix this lcd, and will have to replace it. Probably the marking by Epson was printed or lasered too much into the back. I'm not sure if a 32sii lcd would work, maybe you could find a dead 14b with a good screen. My 32s is s/n 2843A10397, USA made, and has no problem.
There is an article on opening pioneers on this website.


Re: "Transparent " display on my 32S - V-PN - 03-09-2005

It might be a collectable to someone!

Re: "Transparent " display on my 32S - bill platt - 03-10-2005


Yes, like a grilled cheese virgin mary....

Re: "Transparent " display on my 32S - Ron - 03-21-2005

I'd take $38,000 for it! Free overnight shipping!!

Actually, I think I can see her in the background. The price just jumped to $78,000 (shipping is still free). Still a bargain - You can't take your money with you, and who knows how much good a "Mary-in-the-background" calculator might do you in the eternal?!