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HP48gII - ozarkmtbr - 02-22-2005

Do any of you have the HP 48gII? It seems to be built off the hp49 line. If so, have you had problems with the HP48gII or HP49 keys becoming loose. They rattle and miss many key strokes or in some cases cause a double key stroke. I am on my third one and it is beginning to develop the same problem.


Re: HP48gII - Ron Ross - 02-22-2005

While it may not be built off the SAME EXACT LINE, it is probably built right next to the Hp49G+ with the SAME EXACT manufacturering processes and nearly identical parts.

If you really have to have RPN and a graphics, but don't need the fancy CAS or fast response, you should consider an Hp48G (if you have $$$$, the G+ or GX actually have more RAM than the 48GII), which still sell fairly cheaply on ebay. Nice keyboard, actually easier keyboard layout for general number crunching, built in eq Lib, very close behavior and programming to your Hp48GII.

Cons: Slow, Slow, and no CAS, and limitied memory ie holds one decent program plus 20 (10-20 steps/lines ea.) or so custom small programs (a GX could hold 3-5 decent programs plus 50+ custom programs or even more if you purchase memory cards). I use one at my desk. For general number crunching and its units conversions and eq library make it both a reference and an all purpose tool.

I have a 49G+ and find its speed very easy to get used to. For work though I cannot afford to miss keystrokes, but for fancy coursework, I might give it a chance. But I just don't trust it to hold up at work. Therefore, I don't beat on it nearly as much as my tried and true Hp48G (I actually have a GX at home also, but I find the garbage collection on the GX with its extra memory to take longer and therefore seem even slower than the lower end HP48G). Therefore for general use, the Hp48G actually seems much faster than the Hp48GX.

My advice: Send it back for replacement (actually you might get Hp to replace it with an Hp48G+ if you ask). But the performance of the Hp48G+ may not be acceptable to you either.
But you might also consider buying an Hp48G on ebay, typical price is $30-45.

hp49g- (was: HP48gII) - Raymond Del Tondo - 02-22-2005

The '48gII' is a reduced 49g+,

and has nearly nothing to do with a real HP-48.

So the model name 49g- fits exactly.

It's just marketing which could lead you on the wrong track.


Re: hp49g- (was: HP48gII) - Mike (Stgt) - 02-23-2005

Even the emulators offered by HP for educational purpose use the same ROM image for both.


Re: hp49g- (was: HP48gII) - V-PN - 02-23-2005

Yes, but that is rather an enhanced old Saturn emulator.

It has no ARM emulation, so it's not a "real" 49g+/48gII.


Re: hp49g- (was: HP48gII) - Mike (Stgt) - 02-24-2005

True. From that point of view it's a fake, but quite suficient for educational purposes.


Re: HP48gII - ozarkmtbr - 03-07-2005

I do have a HP-48GX. It has served my great for 11 years now. It is my personal calulator and I do not like using it at work. My office bought me a HP-48GII. I am on the fourth one now and each has had a keyboard failure after 3-4 months of use. I talked to an HP tech person and she said that they were all from the same manufacturing batch. The latest one they have sent me has a different serial prefix so hopefully it was just a limited manufacturing problem. You are correct with saying the old HP-G series is a much better built calulator. I hate to see that model has ended. I guess no one else here has had the keyboard problem. Something I found interesting was when talking with the HP tech support, the support person found it odd that when the replacements were sent that they did not ask for the old ones to be returned. She thought they either ment it was a known issue or that they warranty department did not care about fixing the problems.

Thanks for your response.