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Update for 49g+ o/s? - Eric - 02-20-2005

I've been using my old 48g lately, and I just gave the 49g+ a re-try (I had been avoiding it due to my worries about missed key entries) ..and I just realized how FAST it is.

Can one *turn off* the energy saving mode that it goes into when a few minutes of non-use pass by? Perhaps a flag? Or a routine that could run in the background keeping it awake?

Any trick/flag to increase the keyboard sampling rate? (to be able to rapidly enter the same digits, ie: 2.333, or 4440?

Thanks for any insights,

PS. the keys themselves appear and feel pretty good.

Re: Update for 49g+ o/s? - V-PN - 02-20-2005

ClockSpeed Adjustment Tools - Overclock your 49G+ 2.00


STARTOFF is run every time calc powers OFF

<< OFF C34 >> STOred in STARTOFF (at HOME directory)

You could assign STARTOFF to the OFF key





So that if you like power it OFF by your self
it will still do it "right"

Consider having C124S on program start and C34 at end


Re: Update for 49g+ o/s? - Eddie Shore - 02-20-2005

Just checked the hp website for o/s upgrade, and there is not at this moment.

Re: Update for 49g+ o/s? - EL - 02-20-2005

Ok, I'm looking at that clockspeed adjustment. Thanks for the tip, VPN.

For the keyboard issue, I guess there simply is no way to increase the rate of entry?

And, can I also assume that the 48gII keyboard is the same?