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HP-11C floating display format - Craig Skinner - 02-16-2005


I have a HP-11C, and it is cuurently set with a fixed number of decimal places format.

How do I unfix the display format so that it displays the number of decimal places as required?

I tried FIX . which works on some other models, but not it seems on the 11C.


Re: HP-11C floating display format (edited) - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 02-16-2005

Hi, Craig;

when you use either [FIX], [ENG] or [SCI] in the HP10C, 11C, 15C and most of the HP calculators, you should specify how many digits you wish to be shown after keying [f][FIX], [f][ENG] or [f][SCI]. For instance, if you want a fixed 5 decimal places, press:

[f][FIX] 5
It works the same for [ENG] and [SCI]. (both the HP12C and 16C have a different scheme)

Hope this helps.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 16 Feb 2005, 9:09 p.m.

Re: HP-11C floating display format - Tom Sherman - 02-16-2005


If I understand what you are seeking, you would like the calculator to display 3/2 as 1.5, but 5/4 as 1.25, and 2/3 as 0.666666666... This is called "standard" display on the HP-48G, and "normal" display on a TI-83. As far as I know, the 11C or 15C will not do this. With [f]FIX followed by a number, you can set the number of decimal places you want to round the answer to, but this will then be used for all results until changed.

Cheers, Tom

Re: HP-11C floating display format - Craig Skinner - 02-16-2005

Thanks Tom,

That is what I was looking for.

At least I now know not to continue trying to work out how to do it. ;)


"ALL" display format - Karl Schneider - 02-17-2005

Craig --

As Tom said, the Voyager-series models (e.g., 11C and 15C) do not offer an "all digits only as required" display format. This is how the original HP-35 displayed numbers, and is the "Normal" display mode for TI, Casio, and other manufacturers. The "ALL" display format was provided in the Pioneer-series HP calc's (e.g., 20S, 32SII) for 1988.

HP provided "FIX" and "SCI" with the HP-45, successor to the HP-35. It makes more sense for the user to limit the number of digits displayed in routine practice, so as not to clutter the viewed results with insignificant low-order digits. The automatic change of format also gives confirmation that the input number was accepted. Fewer displayed digits saved battery power on the LED-display models, too.

-- KS

Re: HP-11C floating display format - Bram - 02-18-2005

You do know that pressing f clear prefix shows all digits for a while (independent on the chosen format), don't you? It's nothing like the ALL format, but it may suit your needs.