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HP-71B news - J-F Garnier - 02-13-2005

Hello HP-71B fans,

I put new ressources for the HP-71B (and Emu71 as well) on my site, including the JPCROM manual, the Soft Forth system documentation and binaries, and informations regarding the ROM versions and bugs.




Re: Thanks! [NT] - HrastProgrammer - 02-14-2005


Re: HP-71B news - Gordon Dyer - 02-16-2005

Thanks for the bugs summary. I am looking forward to seeing the 1AAA bugs.... remember me?

Re: HP-71B news - Matthias - 02-16-2005

Me too, as I have the 1AAA now.


Re: HP-71B news - Gordon Dyer - 02-18-2005

...and I hope you can tell us about bugs on your protoype 71B...