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HP-42S "No Variables" message - Thomas Okken - 02-11-2005

I was looking at an HP-42S ROM image today, and in the section with all the messages (starting at byte offset 0x7656 in the rev. C ROM), I noticed the message "No Variables".

Just curious - does anyone know when this message is used? I know about "No Menu Variables", "No Real Variables", "No Complex Variables", and "No Matrix Variables", but I don't recall ever having seen "No Variables".

I also noticed "Global Span", which I'd never seen my 42S utter in anger, either. Took me a moment to figure that one out. :-)

- Thomas

Re: HP-42S "No Variables" message - Mike (Stgt) - 02-11-2005

Shows up at CLV if there are no variables.


Re: HP-42S "No Variables" message - Thomas Okken - 02-11-2005


- Thomas

Re: HP-42S Global Span - Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) - 02-11-2005

Global Span: Error message which appears when trying to insert or delete a program line which would have left more than 3854 bytes ( = 7 x 512, FWIW ) between two consecutive alpha labels, or between a global label and an END instruction.

Ref: HP42S manual, Edition3, March 1989, page 284

You have to be quite decided to cause this condition (I once did)

Re: HP-42S Global Span - Mike (Stgt) - 02-18-2005

Thank U 4 clarification. I did not dare to ask...