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Anybody Looked at "gumstix"? - Paul Brogger - 02-04-2005

Reading Cringely's column, I came across gumstix, a line of very small computers.

Now, the last time I messed with reengineering a REAL RPN calculator, I cross-wired a HP-41C keyboard and my TI-83+SE . I figured the 41's case and quality keypad might serve as a good starting point -- I just needed programmable guts and a display. Alas, the TI's innards, while flash-programmable and well supported, won't quite fit within the 41's case (PCB width being the the kicker).

I still think that basic approach deserves hobbyist attention, and I'll be taking another look -- this time with gumstix. (In my "spare time", of course.)

Re: Anybody Looked at "gumstix"? - CapPs - 02-04-2005

I like to get the functionality and screen of a HP49G+ into a body of a "traditional" HP calc, like a HP48G. Hmmm...

Anyone out there with a rapid prototyping facility for low volume plastic production?


Re: Anybody Looked at "gumstix"? - Paul Brogger - 02-04-2005

I guess my point was, if you choose a readily accessible HP carcass, the most desirable and durable parts (case, keyboard) are already fabricated. As one example, broken 41's are easily acquired, and they're not necessarily plagued by broken keyboards.

The only stuff needing upgrade is the electronic innards and display, which should have more-powerful-than-ever substitutes readily available. (The gumstix models with Bluetooth might promise newer-yet ways to use an old 41.)

So, rather than get carried away trying to duplicate the legendary look, feel & durability, why not concentrate on functionality while finding new uses for (some of) those rock-solid exteriors we've come to appreciate?

Re: Anybody Looked at "gumstix"? - Giuseppe Marullo - 02-06-2005

it is under the eye of robot builders, specially now that gmustix has bluetooth connectivity. I was tempted too, but in the end I used an Epia for my robot.
I don't think you can use it to build a calculator simply because of power consumption, anyway great stuff.

Giuseppe Marullo