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Hp 49g: tranferring files - dennis - 02-02-2005

I have a problem: I want to copy a folder with subdirectories and files saved as equations on another hp 49 g calculator, but during the connection a msg box says that there is an error in one of the equations. Thus, it is impossible to terminate the process. If I erase this equation, the problem isn't solved because the same problem affect almost every file. How is it possible? These equations are written by equation-editor and if I can save theme, it means that they are correct.
I think that hp49g checks again files during the connection.
How can I avoid it?
How can I copy a folder (containing folders and equations) to another calculator without problems?

The equations work poperly on the first calculator.


Re: Hp 49g: tranferring files - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 02-02-2005

Hi, Dennis;

chances are that the calcualtors have a different translation 'level', that can be set from 0 to 3, if I am not wrong. In this case, 'non-standard' codes like the one for "different of" is sent as \=/ (three bytes) if translation is set to 2 or 3 (I'm not sure about the exact code), or simply sent as a one-byte character (# 139) if no translation is required (Xlat set to 0). If the translation code is different, the receiver does not understand received data. In time: the translation is considered only in ASCII mode.

I remember having some problems when transfering data from an HP48G+ to an HP49G: errors everywhere. I solved them only after setting ASCII mode and Xlat 0. I also had problems with SysRPL data, but I'm pretty sure this has no solution.

Hope this helps.

Luiz (Brazil)

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Re: Hp 49g: tranferring files - Dennis (Italy) - 02-07-2005

Hi Vieira, Luiz C.
Thank you for your advice! I have tryed to transfer the files after changing settings in the "applications" menu. With binary format and xlat set to 0, it works very well!

Thank you very much!