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workhorse calc - Eric Lundgren - 02-02-2005

Well, after some exposure to the 49g+, I, a lowly engineering undergrad, will regard the readily available 48G as the dispensible workhorse.

Big ENTER key, unquestionable button presses, and unappealing to all my classmates.

My 32sII dove into a 3" puddle of rainwater this weekend, and thus I began wondering what to replace it with...but, I was happy to see it work the next day! Well, it doesn't pass the self-test anymore, but everything seems to function.

Re: workhorse calc - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 02-02-2005

Hi, Eric;

about the 32SII: the rainwater has many additional components (salt, etc) that would lead to unexpect 'low' resistence (related to the sky-high resistence found in most MOS-based circuits, like the ones in the HP32SII) between some terminals. So, using clear water (destilled should be better, I guess), dip the calculator in and allow a few minutes (hours?) of immerse "shaking". Then let it dry for a couple of days, provided that you removed as much water as possible.

Others in here might guide you better; I can't find the actual expressions I'd like to to describe the whole process. And try doing it ASAP so the salt (if applicable) will not cause more dammage.

Success! And let us know what happens, then.

Luiz (Brazil)

Re: workhorse calc - Randy - 02-02-2005

Failure to remove the batteries in a wet 48 or 32S can result in keyboard damage by electrolysis, it's an non-repairable failure.

Rinse well, shake out all excess water and let it dry for at least two days before putting it back in service.