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MLDL2000 all tests OK - Meindert Kuipers - 01-16-2005

All testing for the MLDL2000 now concluded so far. There were some problems with power consumption but that was fixed with an extra pulldown resistor. All in all only 3 simple hardware modifications are required and that means that no redesign is really neccesary.

All functional requirements are working quite well. Bankswitching is tested using the Advantage ROM and that tested out fine. The next step is to clean up the MLDL2000 Software and build and test the units for the beta testers. In parallel the production will be planned and the documentation will be more or less finished. When the units are at the beta testers the ordering of the final production units can start. I will post a message in the classifieds with the details. As usual news is also available on my own site at www.kuipers.to/hp41. I will assemble a mechanical proto next week and post pictures on my site.


Great! Keep us all informed! - Gene - 01-16-2005


Re: MLDL2000 all tests OK - Emmanuel aka xeq41 - 01-16-2005

Fine ! Congratulations !

Re: MLDL2000 all tests OK - Christoph Klug - 01-17-2005

Dear Meindert,

absolute good work ! Big gratulation :-))

Regards - Christoph

Re: MLDL2000 all tests OK - Mike (Stgt) - 01-17-2005

After I saw your work in Allschwil, I expected nothing else than success <G>


Re: MLDL2000 all tests OK - Sean - 01-18-2005

What's that (Allschwil)?

Re: MLDL2000 all tests OK - Raymond Del Tondo - 01-18-2005

Take a look at:


There's a link to the Allschwil Collector's Meeting,

the direct url: