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HP 21S Manual - Nick Nicholas - 01-13-2005

I didn't realize that the manual for the above calculator is not on the HP Museum DVD/CDROMs. Was a copy of the manual ever available as a pdf download from HP? Does anyone have a scanned copy they are willing to email to me? Thanks.

Re: HP 21S Manual - Raymond Del Tondo - 01-14-2005

No, the 21S manual is one of the rare birds,

because it wasn't made in the same quantities as the calc,

and the HP-21S calc itself wasn't made in large quantities.

However, at some time someone actually made a scan,

and posted the link to the hpmuseum forum.

It seems the link still works, so grab it while you can.


But note, the pdf is more than 15 megabytes in size,

so DSL is recommended;-)



Re: HP 21S Manual - Nick Nicholas - 01-14-2005

Thanks for referring me to the url. I thought I was going to end up at a deadend.

Re: HP 21S Manual - gordon - 01-16-2005

I have the manual and the Quick Reference Guide.

I have made a .pdf of the QRG (568kB) so let me know if you want me to email it to you.

The manual in the link given above is good and also contains the QRG.

Re: HP 21S Manual - Eddie Shore - 01-18-2005

Thank you, I shall use this is a ref guide.

Re: HP 21S Manual - Wayne - 01-18-2005

If you could send to me at wano81@aol.com I would really appreciate it. I lost my original many moons ago.

Re: HP 21S Manual - Nick Nicholas - 01-19-2005

If the scan of the quick reference guide is of better quality than the above download, I would appreciate a copy. My email address is hwxyz@hotmail.com. Thanks.