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HPIL-RS232 interface - Jon - 01-12-2005

Hi everybody:

I have finally received my HPIL-RS232 interface. Following Emmanuel´s instructions I have connected it to the PC and I have tried HPILCOM. But I have some questions

1) I have been able to send a program to the PC using OUTP. However I see that I send all the programs that I have in the memory, not just the program which label I have in the ALPHA register

2)To get a program from the PC I have to press transmit in HPILCOM and then INP in the calculator(otherwise it doesn´t work and produces a "READ ERR"). Doing this I get the comunication, but all the programs in the calculator are replaced with the transmited information.

Any sugestion?

Thanks in advance


Re: HPIL-RS232 interface - Hans Brueggemann - 01-13-2005

hi jon, maybe it's not too difficult to fix.
1) OUTP only sends out the program which is specified in the alpha register. OUTP will then send all code from the specified global alpha label to the following END instruction. you should check whether you did a GTO.. after each program you keyed into the calc. if you did not, (i.e., you used STOP at the end of the program), then all programs are "chained" together and cannot be separated by OUTP. if you do a CAT1, you should always see an END between adjacent programs.

2) above said should also fix the second issue. please check the manual for the "GETP" routine, which automates the process of "INP"ing a program. by using "GETP", it is not necessary to do a "TRANSMIT" on HPILCOM. make sure that HPILCOM is not in "DUMB" mode.

plz do also check the documentation of the program for my e-mail address and drop me a line, if you have further questions.

hope, that helps!

Edited: 13 Jan 2005, 1:39 p.m.