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HP classics-screws - Erik Wahlin - 11-07-2000

Has anyone ever been able to locate a supplier of the self tapping screws used in the classic, wood stock, spice etc.. calculators. They appear to be a #3 sheet metal screw with pan head. Most of the bolt/screw suppliers I have talked to say that #3's (except for maybe wood screws) are very uncommon. It may be that HP had these specially made for their use.

Re: HP classics-screws - Joe R. - 11-08-2000


I don't know if you're aware of it or not but HP used slightly longer screws in the later 41s. They also called out the longer screws in the service manual and suggested that they could be used to repair some problems in the 41s. I've done a lot of work on the 41s and I've been trying to find a source of both the standard screws and the longer ones for some time. I've visited a number of suppliers and none of them had that type screw. Several could order them for me but only in quantities of 100,000! And that's would only be one size! Needless to say the cost is prohibative, 100,000 x $.02 = $2,000 for each size!

Re: HP classics-screws - Joe Panico - 11-08-2000

Um ... I never seem to pass-up a bad pun ....

HP Classic screws are available on Ebay!

(And BAD pun too!)