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HP 12C -- Stuck Key - P. Simon - 01-04-2005

I have a fairly new 12C (but no store receipt, darn!). The "7" key and its associated "BEG" function don't depress all the way and therefore don't enter.

Any repair ideas or better yet, repair services? BTW, "fixthatcalc.com" -- for some reason doesn't repair 12Cs (but does several other HPs).

Thanks for any ideas.


Edited: 4 Jan 2005, 11:33 a.m.

Re: HP 12C -- Stuck Key - Namir - 01-04-2005

You can easily get another HP12C from eBay if your efforts to repair the one you have come to a dead end. There are auctions by the truckloads!!!!!!

Re: HP 12C -- Stuck Key - P. Simon - 01-06-2005

Thanks Namir -- good suggestion. P.