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$2,000,000 calculators for sale. Scam or optimism? - Mike - 01-01-2005

This seller is selling 100 calculators for $2,000,000.

He claims the "net" is for Tsunami Relief. "Net profits" not defined. Photo link do not work.

Does this look legit or do you think it's a scam? Anyone know this seller? He claims to be a designer of the HP-35 Look alike shown.

$2,000,000 HP-35 look alike for sale

I'm not sure what the value of this is but I seriously doubt it is $2,000,000.

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Re: $2,000,000 calculators for sale. Scam or optimism? - db (martinez, ca.) - 01-01-2005

It looks a bit like an old Melcor. While his heart is in the right place, that's about 10,000 times more (each) than any algebraic calculator is worth.

Oh my God. I have to make this disclaimer - Mike - 01-01-2005

I inquired to this guy about what he is actually selling, to see what he will be subtracting from the gross, to arrive at the "net". He says he believs his 100 calculators are worth $5000.00.

However, what I have to make the disclaimer about is his name. :-) His name is Mike D.

Please note, this is absolutely not me selling these


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Re: $2,000,000 calculators for sale. Scam or optimism? - Matthias - 01-01-2005

I would rather send the money to UNICEF directly...


Re: $2,000,000 calculators for sale. Scam or optimism? - Namir - 01-01-2005

I thought about doing a few Ebay auctions for calculators and books (that I wrote myself) to benefit the tsunami victims. After some thought I decided not to, since we can give directly to the Red Cross, UNICEF, and other organization without sales-for-benefit gimicks.

If you want to help teh tsunami victims, give directly to releif oragnization and jeep eBay, PayPal, and the like out of it.


Re: $2,000,000 calculators for sale. Scam or optimism? - Anonymous (sorry) - 01-01-2005

be warned (not that any of you guys would consider spending 2 millions on these calcs :) )
I am one of the purchasers of the mentioned two already sold calculators. This guy is probably the worst ebay seller I ever met in my life. Total lack of communication, claims to not have received a WU MO (surprisingly enough, BidPay sent a second one!), and I seriously doubt that I will ever receive my calculator. It's been almost 3 months now...