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hp28s - Peter - 12-28-2004

I have two hp28s models and now both of them have broken at the battery cover.
the first unit broke just after the warrantee, so I purchased a second unit.
now it has broken at the exact same place in the main casing.
have contacted hp and they are not interested in the above.
can I repair either of the two or purchase a new unit.
are they worth anything to a collector.

Re: hp28s - Richard Garner - 12-28-2004

Check with calcpro.com. They have them listed for $3.50. Look in the Obsolete Calculator Accessories section.

Re: hp28s - Ron Ross - 12-28-2004

Thanks for the new source for parts.

However the poster above seems to have problems with the outer case and not the door itself.

Peter, You are Screwed!

But you can defer your dilema by buying a new set of batteries, a hot melt gun, and some strong heavy duty Rubber bands.

Insert new batteries and hold in place with a couple of strong rubber bands, then glue the door on with an ample amount of hot glue. Let cool, and shave off excess. The hot melt glue can be removed later by applying heat from tip of hot melt glue gun later. If you do this right, you will probably get two or three battery changes out of this using this method.

I would also suggest buying a used Hp48G and upgrading (or some other RPN, if you really want to continue using RPN in the distant future). I suggest the Hp48G as it is most similiar and yet improves upon the battery door of the 28 series. However, the 28 series is also fairly reasonable to still buy, even on ebay.

Re: hp28s - Wayne Brown - 12-29-2004

Check with calcpro.com.

You'd better not be in a hurry, though. I placed an order with CalcPro for several items back in April, and I'm still waiting.