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Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas! - Eddie Shore - 12-23-2004

And a Great Rockin' 2005!

A daily HP49g+ User

Re: Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas! - Matthias - 12-23-2004

Hi Folks

And I thought I want to be the first this year who speaks these words.....

Ok, have some nice days with your family/friends and feel the spirit of peace and silence.
Also, have a Great RockinĀ“ 2005 as well.


Re: Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas! - Raymond Del Tondo - 12-23-2004

Same to all of you, too:-)


And let's wish for peace on earth - Gene - 12-23-2004

which will require a change of heart among many.

Here's to hope in '05.


Re: And let's wish an earth for peace - GE (France) - 12-23-2004

Merry Christmas, happy new year to all.
Let's hope we leave an earth alive and well for our children to live on.

Re: Keep the HP spirit alive! (Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas!) - Erik Ehrling (Sweden) - 12-24-2004

When looking back on the year that has passed there are two major aspects that for me, personally, stand out from the rest.

First of all this is the year when I have given up hope altogether about Hewlett Packard's calculator division. After endless email conversations with people at different levels in the HP organisation it is to me perfectly clear that HP will never do anything whatsoever (profit or non-profit) to serve its RPN user community - a user community that nonetheless is blindly loyal to the HP spirit of old days.

Just to name a few of the things I am thinking of -

  • HP will never release the HP-42S ROM to the public domain. Neither in binary format nor as commented source code.
  • HP will never put the HP-42S back into production again (so why being so strict on retaining the copyright in the first place!?)
  • HP will never start to include Hrastprogrammer's HP-42X with every sold HP-49G+ (that might however been good a way to boost sales figures killed by the rumours about low keyboard quality - remember high keyboard quality was once something HP was famous for!)
  • HP will never include Emu42 and the HP-42S ROM in the factory setup of their Pocket PC:s (why not include the HP-17BII and the HP-27S ROM at the same time and no-one would ever ask for another calculator program installed on their PDA:s...).
The fundamental laws of business hasn't changed so much in the 21st century that it is now possible to ignore your customers - rather the opposite. And most ironically at the same time as the HP calculator business is fading away the HP spirit lives on stronger than ever - outside HP...

Because (and this is the flip side of the same coin) there are values buried deep in the HP spirit strong enough to bring together developers and users from all over the world willing to take the HP-42S into the future. Here the commitment to high quality, accuracy and reliability unites and this is what the HP spirit in essence stands for. It is indeed much more than just being nostalgic about an old calculator considered "the best ever made", it is about the true belief that persistently paying attention to the triplet of quality, accuracy and reliability will eventually push the very limits for our capabilities forward. Quality lives on, cheap solutions are only for the moment.

The last year more things has happened on the HP-42S horizon than, I would say, the five years previous to that.

  • Emu42 by Christoph Giesselink was released after a successful campaign (again thanks to all contributors!) and now makes the HP-42S available in emulated format both on Windows and Pocket PC:s. I would say that Emu42 is an essential piece of software for any RPN enthusiast.
  • Thomas Okken announced his work on Free42 and has shown an impressive pace with new releases every week. There is a long way to go before full compatibility can be achieved (LOAD / SAVE, decimal arithmetic, internal representation etc.) but I am not doubtful that all this will once see the light of day. Most imporantly Free42 is already today a working HP-42S calculator for both the Palm Pilot and Linux platforms and as it is built as a reverse engineering of the HP-42S there are no copyright issues.
  • HP-42X by Hrastprogrammer was ported also to the HP-49G+ thereby becoming the fastest handheld device for running HP-42S programs with a calculator keyboard.
  • Luiz C. Vieira produced some very good looking TTF fonts for both the internal LCD display and for the IR printer.
  • Several additions were made to the HP-42S catalog of programs by Paul Dale, Christoph Giesselink, Richard Garner and Ton van de Burgt (thanks!). I would also recommend trying to get hold of the latest issue of the HPCC Datafile which contains a very enjoyable article by Valentin Albillo - "Long live the HP-42S!" - with an elegant program listing for a solver for the "Eight Queen" problem, that also displays the solutions graphically).
  • Nelson M Sciuro discovered that a 32K RAM chip could be soldered to the place holder for additional ROM and provide continues memory for testing small Saturn Assembly programs. Much more convenient than entering them into unused memory of the RPN program area.
This is keeping the HP spirit alive!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Erik Ehrling (Sweden)


Edited: 24 Dec 2004, 5:09 p.m. after one or more responses were posted

Re: Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas! - V-PN - 12-24-2004

Same to you X tree!

Re: Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas! - R Lion (Spain) - 12-24-2004

My best wishes for you all

Raul L

Re: Keep the HP spirit alive! (Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas!) - Walter B - 12-24-2004

Very good contribution, Erik! Thanks a lot! Let's continue on this track striving for quality calculators - and for the next days:

Enjoy the holidays, relax and have a smooth start into a happy 2005!

Walter B

Re: Keep the HP spirit alive! (Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas!) - Bram - 12-24-2004

Still haven't managed to get myself a 42S, so

article by Albillo - "Long live the HP-42S!" - with an elegant program listing for a solver for the "Eight Queen" problem
is not much use to me (<sob>). I'll have to stick to this one:
; 8 Queens on a chess board for Hewlett-Packard 32SII
; April 29, 2004
; This program can solve for different numbers of queens
; any value N from 4 until 9 will solve for N queens on an NxN board
; key in the program
; start by keying N XEQ S
; f.e. 5 XEQ S -> 53142
; R/S -> 52413
; R/S -> 42531
; R/S -> 41352
; etc.
; the result denotes the row positions in the N columns
; f.e. the results above:
; 53142 means QOOOO
; 41352 means OOOQO

LBL S ; Start of program
STO N ; save constant value of N+1
10^x ; save constant value of 10^(N-1)
STO T ; save constant value of 10
LBL C ; entire column examined, go back to previous column
LBL N ; go examine next possible combination
STOP ; all combinations done -> stop
FP ; get position of last placed queen
GTO C ; entire column done
LBL E ; go examine occupied squares
STO+ U ; up diagonal
STO- D ; down diagonal
GTO N ; row match
GTO A ; possibly combination found
GTO N ; up diagional match
GTO N ; down diagonal match
LBL A ; combination is valid
RCL F ; but if it wasn't the Nth column
RCL E ; another one has to be added
GTO F ; combination found
STO* E ; add a column
STO+ E ; place a new queen
STOP ; show solution
GTO N ; go find another one

; storage registers
; C comparison
; D down diagonal
; E combination to examine
; F 10^(N-1)
; N N+1
; R row
; T 10
; U up diagonal
; labels
; A CK=9E02 015.0 add a column
; C CK=E5E6 004.5 entire col. examined
; E CK=3F46 041.0 examine occupied squares
; F CK=96FC 004.5 combination found
; N CK=63B9 024.0 next combination
; S CK=60D6 018.0 start of program
; -----
; 107.0

(works only on the real stuff)

Much joy with your favorite HP in 2005

All the best to all of you! Merry Christmas. (nt) - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 12-24-2004

Edited: 24 Dec 2004, 8:25 a.m.

Re: Keep the HP spirit alive! (Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas!) - Ben Salinas - 12-24-2004

On the topic of including emulators with Pocket PCs:

Yesterday I was setting up a network for a friend. We unplugged her Pentium I from the wall and the CMOS battery was bad. Well to make a long story short, we replaced it with some extra parts we had (Athlon 850, 256 mb, 10 gb, geforce 2). So, we went to migrate files from her old HP computer and I noticed that there was a folder called "HPCALC." Of course I opened it and it had a financial calculator emulator. I am pretty sure that the owner of this computer did not put it on.

I didn't have much time to look at it, but it didn't look to be amazingly good (didn't seem to have a good keyboard on screen... just a few buttons). It did support ALG and RPN and seemed to be a 12c emulator.

Has anyone else ever seen this?

-Ben Salinas

Oh, and Merry Christmas to all!

Re: Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas! - Emmanuel aka xeq41 - 12-24-2004

Merry Christmas from France.

HPCALC & HPPIM - WAS Keep the HP spirit alive! (Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas!) - Bill (Smithville, NJ) - 12-24-2004

Hi Ben,

HPCALC and the associated program HPPIM came with the HP OMNIBOOK computers. They were both derivatives of the programs in the HP-200LX handheld calculators and are quite good. From the HPCALC Application menu, you could select Arithmethic, TVM, Business, Solver, Conversion and Math style calculators. For those of us that used the HP-200LX, it was a very familar calculator.

The HPPIM was a PIM program that directly used the files from the 200LX. Another very nice program.

Since I used a HP-200LX for many years, I still use the windows HPPIM program to access archived data. And I still used HPCALC to quickly do TVM problems - especially when I was purchasing and refinacing my home.

Both programs are loaded on all my PC's. Hopefully you saved a copy for reloading onto the new configuration. If not, there are several locations on the Net where they can be downloaded from, such as the following link:

While HPCALC may not be as fancy as some of the new calculators, it does have a very simple and elegant interface I find very appealing.

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas,


Re: Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas! - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 12-25-2004

Best wishes from Italy too...


All the best to all of you! Merry Christmas. (nt) - Nenad (Croatia) - 12-25-2004


Re: Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas! - valentino ducati - 12-25-2004

...and from Switzerland, too!

Re: Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas! - Diego Diaz - 12-27-2004

May 2005 be a happy, peaceful and healthy year all over the world.

From the Canary Islands to the good people here ;-)