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HP49G and HP49G+ emualtor - Harry - 12-05-2004

First of all, does the HP49G+ have any significant advantages over the HP49G? And if so, I would like to test the 49G+ on my PC. Does emu48 work with 49G+ rom, as it does with the 49G rom? Or is there any other emulator for the G+?

I am planing on buying either a 49G or a 49G+, but don't know if its worth to pay mor for a 49G+.

Regards, Harry

Re: HP49G and HP49G+ emualtor - V-PN - 12-05-2004

The software is as much as possible the same.

The difference is mostly in the hardware.

The speed increase only will do the trick IMO.

You can even change the CPU speed using software.

The only small waiting you get is the CAT

The "Y=", "WIN", "2D/3D" will change instantly.

The Garbage Collector has been enhanced.

Also you will get the possibility for ARM C/ASM.


Plus an SD/MMC-card interface.

12xconnection speed to a PC using USB at 115200.

IrDA at 115200 (but range is about an inch).

RedEye output to old HP printer (and some Martel).


You also get a keyboard that will cause you trouble.


Re: HP49G and HP49G+ emualtor - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 12-05-2004

Hi, Harry;

I'd add almost nothing to VPN post, except that the G+ also has some extra lines in the display. I'd also tell you that I own both G and G+ and I prefer the G+, even being my unit an earlier unit with the troubled keyboard (I myself don't care too much). In my case, it worth the $$.


Luiz (Brazil)

Thanks to both of you! But what is the keyboard trouble about? - Harry - 12-06-2004

I never saw a real G+ so far, but tried a G for a few minutes once. I wasn't too impressed by its keyboard either. So is the G+ keyboard even worse?

Regards, Harry

Follow me, please! (was: (...) what is the keyboard trouble about?) - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 12-06-2004

Hi, Harry;

the most recent thread about this issue is this one. Previous posts mentioned the fact, but the latest news are there.

I hope the information is enough.


Luiz (Brazil)