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HP-49G+ - Thomas Cox - 11-26-2004

I notice that Amazon has a price on new HP-49G+ that looks attractive. Does anyone know if these are the latest versions with "fixed" keyboards?

Any suggestions as to sources that are known to sell HP-49G+ with new keyboards?

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Re: HP-49G+ - Will - 11-27-2004

try here...



Re: Keyboard Issue HP-49G+ - Nick Nicholas - 11-27-2004

I'm waiting until HP fixes the keyboard issue before I buy one. I think it is outrageous that HP has still not rectified the keyboard issue. I wonder how much sales has being lost and how many calculators have being returned because of this issue.

Re: Keyboard Issue HP-49G+ - James M. Prange (Michigan) - 11-28-2004

In my case, they've lost two sales and had to make two warranty replacements.


Re: Keyboard Issue HP-49G+ - V-PN - 11-28-2004

I would not like to wait forever.

I wait for the Qonos instead!



Re: Keyboard Issue HP-49G+ - Eddie Shore - 11-28-2004

If people are expecting the HP-49G+ keyboards to be like the 48G series, forget it. However, the latest 49G+ (CNA436....) have keyboards that are tactile and users can live with. I have one and so far I am satisfied with it.

I am with you that HP has lost tons of sales and potential customers that it took so long to correct the keyboard problems. Hardware counts as much as software.

(going off topic) Also, the calculator marketing has no priority either. HP needs to expand their market beyond Fry's. Maybe they wanted to test the market before entering the calculator market in full force again.

Re: Keyboard Issue HP-49G+ - Ron Ross - 11-30-2004

There is no marketing via retail (except Fry's perhaps). Staples, Office Max, Office Depot: none of these large retail office supply stores carry any Hp's except the Hp10B and the Hp12c. Nothing else.

And the Calculator salesman is usually some High School geek (nothing really wrong with this, if he is truly knowledgable) who often recommends the calculator he uses in High School ie a Ti-83(now 84) cause it can do everything I have ever seen. So whoever carries a graphics line, sells the Ti-83/84 by default (one of the weakest graphics calculators available, except in statistics).