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HP 48 G - Peter Torrione - 11-24-2004

The on/off switch is intermittent. Suggestions? Who can repair? I love this machine.

Re: HP 48 G - Paul Marin - 11-24-2004

When you discover how to open it safely, let me know too!
I love mine as well. It wont run either :)

Re: HP 48 G - Ed Look - 11-24-2004

Randy Sloyer would be THE guy.
But, he appears to be backed up. Anyway here's his website:


Re: HP 48 G - V-PN - 11-25-2004

Instructions on Opening the HP48:


propably the pressure applying foam has detoriated

Try pressing above [ ]B below the LCD

while you press [ON]


Re: HP 48 G - Tnohl - 12-15-2004

Is it the on/off button, or all the buttons in the column of the on/off button??
If so, is a poping/flexing sensation felt when pushing between the display and the top row of buttons and when pressing on it does the on/off button work right??
If yes, it may be a cold/broken solder on the display twisty hold downs where they are soldered. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE DON"T REMOVE THE DISPLAY...it will not work right ever again if you do, to my knowledge. (prove me wrong)
If you take your calulator apart; I suggest drilling the rivets heads from the top and repacing the rivet with some appropriate screw; "IF" you can remove the beyboard overlay without bending it.
If I had to do over, I would drill the rivets from the top without removing the overlay. But, if you cut the case rivets (the other way of taking it apart) from the inside of the calculator you will loose some rigidity of the calulator.
If it is the actual on/off button by itself, the calculator is a thow away, to my knowledge.