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Where to buy an HP49+ ? - Bob - 11-18-2004

I was wondering where is the best place to buy a new HP49+ ? I remember seeing some wide swings in price, but don't have the links anymore.

(It was either a 49+ or a 33S, but I don't care for the layout of the 33.)

I'd buy from hpcalc.org (Eric) - Gene - 11-18-2004

Good price and you'd be helping support the great software archive at hpcalc.org too.


Re: I'd buy from hpcalc.org (Eric) - Namir - 11-18-2004

Good call Gene! I assume that Eric has the latest versions of the 49G+ with the better keyboard.


Re: Where to buy an HP49+ ? - John Smitherman - 11-18-2004

Hi Bob. It looks like Sam's Club has a club member price of $114.77 for the 49G+. I'm not sure what a membership costs these but I think it is $30 - $35. So, the first 49+ purchased would be break even and the member savings would kick in with subsequent purchases.

Here's a link with more information:


I hope that this helps.

Good luck shopping,


Re: Where to buy an HP49+ ? - Bob - 11-19-2004

Great, I am already a Sam's club member.

I will also check hpcalc.org for comparison.

Thanks for the help.

Re: Where to buy an HP49+ ? - DJ - 11-20-2004

I just got one for $100 here.

Re: Where to buy an HP49+ ? - L.H Chan - 11-21-2004

ya, i ordered one from joe too. but since 5 november he is not replying to my mail and coincidently the page have no updates since 4 november. anyone has idea about is what is happening? i am not worried though.

-L H Chan
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