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HP-9G adding angles - Mary - 11-13-2004

Does anyone know if the HP-9g can add or subtract andles in degrees minutes and seconds?

Re: HP-9G adding angles - Norris - 11-13-2004

I don't have a 9G, but my guess is that it probably does *not* have built-in functions for adding or subtracting values in degree/minute/second (DMS) format. However, the 9G is programmable, and it should it be easy to create simple programs to add this functionality. The programs simply need to do the following:

(1) take two entered values in DMS and convert them to decimal degrees

(2) add or subtract the two values, yielding a result in decimal degrees

(3) convert the result from decimal degrees to DMS

I've used programs of this sort on the 32SII and 33S. The 48GX has this capability built-in.

HP9G learning module for this available - Gene - 11-13-2004


Choose the learning module dealing with Angles and Times from the list.