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The End of an Era - Jeff O. - 11-10-2004

I came across this, thought some might find it interesting.

Re: The End of an Era - Ángel Martin - 11-11-2004

Very interesting article that also adds some light to the 41 module enigmas of today...

Re: The End of an Era - for TDS? - Tom (UK) - 11-11-2004

I read the artical breifly and found it a bit sentimental. There was no mention of the HP49G+ which does most of what the HP48 can do, a USB interface could act as a data storage and for input of data. PDA's and PC's have now taken over the role of the HP48 in this field.

Re: The End of an Era - Eddie Shore - 11-11-2004

Thankfully HP hasn't decided to stop producing calculators all together, otherwise I may not be here talking about HP calculators and being proud to be an HP convert. (I own two HP 49G+s as of yesterday)

Re: The End of an Era - for TDS? - db (martinez, ca.) - 11-11-2004

Tom; Over here the most common replacements for the 48 are the Husky and TDS platforms (the TDS looks like Husky may have made it). Now that D'zign is marketing a program for the 49 we will start seeing some of them but since Ted doesn't like to support direct instrument hook-up they will be personal devices and the companies will still buy some kind of data collector. I have played with a PDA based GPS surveying platform. It was slick.

Re: The End of an Era - for TDS? - James F. Chumbley - 11-12-2004

Sentimental??? That's what I thought we all were!

Ditto! (was: The End of an Era - for TDS?) - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 11-12-2004