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Palm/CE use as HP48G - George Leger - 10-27-2004

I was told of a freeware utility that allows one to download the entire HP 48G functionality to a Palm or Windows CE handheld! Does anyone know where to find this

Re: Palm/CE use as HP48G - Bill (Smithville, NJ) - 10-27-2004


For Palm systems, use Power48. See following link:


It'll emulate the 48GX and the 49. I've used it on a Sony Clie NX-60 and it works fine.

For the PocketPC, you can find EMU48 on the HPCALC site:


Have fun.


Re: Palm/CE use as HP48G - Jeff O. - 10-28-2004

I can report success in using emu48 on a Pocket PC 2002 (or later) device. You will probably want to install emu48 on your PC to use in conjunction with the pocket PC version. The pocket PC version can be found here. The PC version can be found here. Feel free to ask if you need assistance in getting these up and running.

The Power48 applications for Palm OS are also available here. I have not used these so I can’t offer any advice on them.

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Re: Palm/CE use as HP48G - Dia C. Tran - 10-28-2004

I sucessfully installed emu48 for pocket pc 2002 on my NEC P300. It runs but not well.

Re: Palm/CE use as HP48G - Jeff O. - 10-29-2004

Can you give some examples of ways in which it does not run well? I have it installed on an Ipaq 1945. It is not blindingly fast, but it seems to run OK. I am by no means a heavy or deeply knowledgeable user, so perhaps I am missing something.