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HP 32SII key noise - john smith - 10-24-2004

I have two HP 32SII calculators that I bought two years ago. They are in mint condition, hardly used, but both of the calculators backspace key makes an audible "clicking" or "snapping" sound when coming back to the up position after being pressed. None of the others keys make this noise. The key feels exactly the same as the others, that is it has good travel.

Two questions. First, does anyone know what is causing the clicking sound? And will this affect its value?


Re: HP 32SII key noise - Raymond Del Tondo - 10-24-2004

This sound can indicate broken or sticky plastic contact domes.

This normally isn't a problem for usage,

as long as the keys still register well,

but it's a sign of aging, and so this will reduce value significantly.


Re: HP 32SII key noise - Randy - 10-24-2004

Raymond, I agree to disagree. While it can be broken domes and contamination, it is normal on just about every Inodnesian Pioneer manufactured from about 1997 to the time they shut down the Pioneer line in 2001.

We had rather lengthy discussions concerning this back when the 32Sii was discontinued. Here is the start of the thread:


For my two cents worth, it does not reduce the value of the unit as they almost all have the behavior, one or two keys usually along the edge of the case. When it's two or more keys, they are almost always next to one another. I had one that both right and left shift keys sounded like it had crickets inside. The later black and silver 32Sii's seem to be worse than the browns. Even the service replacement 42S's had the problem. If it was made in Indonesia, there is a good chance it will be noisy.

You will not find the problem in made in USA or Singapore Pioneers.

Re: HP 32SII key noise - john smith - 10-24-2004


Thanks for the information. I was getting a little bummed out that the two mint 32SII's I have were not worth very much. Not suprisingly, both calculators are in fact made in Indonesia. The serial number of one of them is ID92600858. They are both brown models as well.


Re: HP 32SII key noise - Raymond Del Tondo - 10-25-2004

Hi Randy,

agreed that the ID and CN units are generally a bit louder,

due to cheapo construction.

But as I wrote in that same thread from 2002,
my 1989 Rev A 42S

(US made) had exactly that problem.
Please see this article:




Randy is right... - Karl Schneider - 10-26-2004

I have a 2001 black-and-silver 32SII. The noise is caused by a tab on the key rapping the underside of the faceplate. The better-constructed earlier models don't make the annoying noise, but they all work equally well.

-- KS