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HP-41C Financial Decisions Pac - Luis - 10-20-2004

Hi! Does anyone have the list of software corrections issued by Hewlett-Packard for the Finance (or Real Estate)


Couple of mistakes in Finance 1B - Gene - 10-21-2004

1) The safe rate and risk rate prompts are reversed. When "safe rate" is prompted, enter the risk rate and vice versa.

2) The BONDS program does not correctly calculate the yield of a short-term bond. To do so for a bond held for one coupon period or less, you must a) store either the call price or 100 in register 19, b) CF 22, and c) Press E to calculate the yield.

Don't know of any others. This may be wrong in the original finance rom, but I know these are problems with Finance 1B.


Couple of mistakes in Finance 1C - Gene - 10-22-2004

Finance ROM 1c:

1) The 360 calendar mode in DAYS does not calculate the correct number of days between dates when the first date occurs on the 31st of the month and the 2nd date occurs on any day other than the 31st. The result is 1 day less than the correct answer.

2) After initiatization of the MONEY program or after clearing the financial registers (shift E), if I is the variable solved for when N, PV and FV are known (and the PMT is = 0), you cannot solve for another variable until a new value has been stored in some of the registers.

3) When I=0 in the MONEY program, you cannot solve for N, PV, PMT or FV (you get DATA ERROR or an incorrect result).

Re: Couple of mistakes in Finance 1C - Luis - 10-22-2004

Thanks a lot.