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hp12c presentation edition?? - marais - 10-19-2004

I saw this item # 5725315323
in ebay. The box seems to have the hp logo on it, but I've never heard about such a thing. Your opinion?


Re: hp12c presentation edition?? - Thibaut.be - 10-19-2004

As mentioned in the auction title :

The HP 12C is now available in a strictly limited exclusive PRESENTATION EDITION. Mounted in a British made varnished hardwood presentation case. The HP 12 C and its manual sit securely against a satin style background. The hardwood case has brass fixings and is supplied with a self adhesive brass plate suitable for you to engrave. The brass engraving plate fits flush in a cut-out in the centre of the hardwood case.
The HP 12C PRESENTATION EDITION is only available from Classic Calculators and makes a stunning award, presentation or prize for any finance or business professional. It also makes a superb and genuinely useful gift for important clients and customers.

It's thus a third party box.

Re: hp12c presentation edition?? - Bram - 10-20-2004

I think that this is where it came from. (a bit confused by the German language...)

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