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floating Decimals HP 12c - Marge - 10-19-2004

Does the HP 12c have a floating decimal and if so how do you get it to work? Thanks!

Floating decimal? f 0, f 1, f 2, etc... - Karl Schneider - 10-19-2004

.... There is no "FIX" function explicitly on the keyboard, but pressing the "f" shift key, followed by the number of desired decimal places, will specify the precision.

Scientific and Engineering notation are not available on the 12C.

As on all Voyager-series models, there is no setting to display as many decimal digits as necessary ("ALL" on the 20S, 32S/II, 42S, and others).

-- KS

Re: Floating decimal? f 0, f 1, f 2, etc... - Thibaut.be - 10-19-2004

The alternative being f ENTER, or clear prefix, that will show the full mantissa for one or two seconds.

Scientific notation IS available on the 12c <=============== - Gene - 10-19-2004

Try [f] [.]

and you'll have scientific notation.


Indeed ! (NT) - Thibaut.be - 10-19-2004

Mea culpa! You are right... - Karl Schneider - 10-19-2004

I knew that scientific-notation display mode wasn't listed on the keyboard of my 12C, but didn't bother to verify my conclusion with the manual. Yep, it's there on p. 83.

It's certainly proper that sci display mode would be available since EEX with sci display was present.

Ya learn something every day...

-- KS