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TTF files @ HPCC - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 10-17-2004

Hi, all;

I know this sounds like "Look what I've done!", but I guess these files may help you preparing HP-related docs.

After many e-mails being xchanged with Jordi Hidalgo, I contacted the HPCC publishers and prepared a main document and sent them with all TTF files I had "drawn", and I also add some vector templates that allow display representation to be built easily.

With no further ado: The HPCC Datafile Index and you'll see a link to luizfonts.zip in September/October 2004, V23N5P14. I thought about adding a link directly to the zipped file, but I think Mrs. Bruce and Mark must have their site being seen, first.

I know that the TTF files have already been mentioned here many times, but I guess that this is the first time I have them all together available for downloading.

I'd like to thank (again) Jordi Hidalgo for his contiuous support on having the fonts and related article available at the HPCC site, and to Dave Hicks, who was the first one having some of them available for downloading at the MoHPC.

BTW, Dave, I'd like to add a new article here about these fonts as well. The fonts are the same as the ones available at the HPCC article, but in this case, you'd only have a smaller zipped file with the TTF files in it. What do you think?


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 17 Oct 2004, 1:27 p.m.

Re: TTF files @ HPCC - Mike (Stgt) - 10-19-2004

Tnx a lot 4 that link! That way I found the Black-Scholes paper from Tony. <VBG>


Re: TTF files @ HPCC - tony h - 10-20-2004

Mike - I know you will enjoy that B-S paper<VBG

Luiz - really great to see you in print in Datafile!

Re: TTF files @ HPCC - Mike (Stgt) - 10-20-2004

Hi Tony!

Most respected Esquire!

Yes, I do. Yet the emphasis in your description is worth reading it. As an old HP41 programmer I know that feeling in the fingertips when hitting the right keys after "FOCAL-thinking" the problem long enough. <VBG>



Thanks, Tony. (N.T.) - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 10-20-2004

Re: TTF files @ HPCC - Bruce Horrocks - 10-22-2004

These fonts are great.

The screen templates are also very useful but, as they are in CorelDraw which not everyone has, I wondered if you or someone else on this forum is able to produce equivalent templates in some other format - OpenOffice perhaps?

Re: TTF files @ HPCC - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 10-22-2004

Hi, Bruce;

thank you for your comments.

About the templates: it is possible to generate (export to) other vector formats, but I am not sure about which one is the best one. I thought about drw or wmf, what do you think? Also, the new coding may increase the size of the final file.

Please, let me know. In the meantime, I'll try some other formats.



Edited: 22 Oct 2004, 5:08 p.m.

Re: TTF files @ HPCC - Bruce Horrocks - 10-24-2004

Yes, give WMF a try - feel free to send any test files to me.